I Am Moving, Will You Come With?

Didi @ Pretty Doesome Books:

If you have enjoyed Muguet’s Blog, you will like Pretty Doesome ; )

Originally posted on Muguet's Blog:

PartyDearest followers of my blog!

I am feeling lucky today, and since such a day will not happen until after 35 years I have decided to snatch the opportunity and officially invite you to my most recent online hang-out.

As some of you may have noticed, since the end of last year I have been focusing on sharing awesome stuff on my new blog Pretty Doesome. It is dedicated to helping writers artists and, well, myself, find creative inspiration.

I will very much like it if you, guys, would join me there! Muguet’s Blog will remain live, but it will be dedicated to some personal journal-like entries. So if the reason you followed was some inspiring post or thought-provoking discussion, some unexpected opinion, or, hopefully, captivating language, following Pretty Doesome will be worth your while.

Of course, for regular updates you can always follow me on Twitter. If you fancy daily doses of surprise and inspiration…

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